$0.6 Discount Coupon Refillable Coffee Capsule Cup Filter 3pcs

Refillable Coffee Capsule Cup Filter 3pcs GearBest Coupon Code
$0.6 Discount Coupon
Expires on:
GearBest 500 Units Coupon from GearBest, Stainless Steel Reusable Refilling Strainer for Nespresso Machine KEURIG 2.0 Coffeemakers. More Less

Refillable Coffee Capsule Cup Filter 3pcs Key Features:

  • Comes in Black Color
  • Its Easy to Clean
  • It has Micro Fine Mesh Filter
  • Durable PP Filter Lid
  • It comes with Silicon O-ring Loop
  • Filtering Holes at The Bottom
  • It provides a good Quality output
  • It’s Reusable, Alternatives, Economical, & Easy to wash
  • It made with Mixture of PP, Silicone, Stainless Steel
  • You can use it like
    1.Open the coffee filter
    2.Place your own coffee grounds into the filter
    3.Close the coffee capsule
    4.Put it into the compliment of coffee maker
    5.Put your coffee cup under the outlet
    6.Switch on the coffeemaker.
  • Dimension & Weight – 8.00 cm x 7.00 cm x 4.00 cm, 142 Grams.

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Refillable Coffee Capsule Cup Filter 3pcs Discount Detail:

  • Listed Price: $5.59
  • Discounted Price: $4.99
  • Total Discounts: $0.60
  • Coupon Code: CCF3P
  • Start Date: 13-April-2018
  • End Date: 30-April-2018
  • Quantity: 500 Units.
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