SWDK ZDG300s Smart Sweeping Robot $4 Gearbest Coupon Code

SWDK ZDG300s Smart Sweeping Robot $4 Gearbest Coupon Code
$4 Gearbest Coupon Code
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SWDK ZDG300s Smart Sweeping Robot,  VSLAM Visual Navigation Sweeping Machine Wifi APP, it has a smart brain and thinks like a human available in White Color 

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Latest Gearbest Coupon Code Available For Global Version SWDK ZDG300s Smart Sweeping Robot

  • White Color
  • Use $4 Coupon Code
  • Global Delivery
  • Visual navigation technology
  • Whole house scanning, visual imaging of indoor environment
  • Go your own way, better complete cleaning tasks
  • Classic square appearance structure
  • Rated voltage DC14.8V
  • Rated current 3A
  • Mopping times 800/min
  • Water tank capacity 240ml
  • Noise ≤71dB
  • Battery Built-in 2500mAh lithium battery
  • Charging time 3H
  • Accessories Types: Mopping Pad,Other Accessories
  • Watching and walking while thinking, home cleaning is calmer
  • Intelligent fall prevention: Anti-fall sensor, sense steps, autonomously prevent falling.
  • Buffer and anti-collision: With suspension type collision buffer, deceleration buffer.
  • Intimate cushioning design
  • High-frequency reciprocating motion
  • Product weight: 3.8000 kg
  • Package weight: 4.8000 kg
  • Product size (L x W x H): 32.00 x 32.00 x 8.05 cm
  • Package Contents: 1 x Sweeping Robot, 1 x Base, 1 x Mop, 1 x Power Supply, 1 x Measuring Cup

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