Xiaomi Mi WiFi Intelligent Remote Update Control Multi-Function Gateway Only at €17.17

Xiaomi Mi Smart Wi-Fi Remote Control Update multifunctional gateway is a small-sized device, has a 1200 Internet radio transmission, comes with 16 million RGB lights, on the side, has a button to control the device, at the top has speakers, this input has many functions.

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Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control Update multifunctional gateway, The device has a combination of 16 million RGB lights, it is central to connect devices, multicolored LED lights, even if you can directly connect this device to the wall socket from the back, could play multiple functions in your home, such as working as internet radio, night light. This is a central hub for all the wireless sensors that are in the ecosystem, it connects to a Wi-Fi device, it can pair up to 30 devices using the single gateway.

It can also work in local mode, it can help control the lights when the Internet does not work, to configure all the features mentioned above, you will need to have the My Home application on your smartphone or tablet, this helps to easily install this gateway and the configuration rules. consequently for these devices, after installing the application you will get a list of compatible devices in the My Home application.

The home page view of the multi-functional gateway application Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control displays on the top quick alarm devices / disarms home security, plays Internet radio and configures the LED lights of the door link, just below you will find other devices that are connected to the gateway to control it quickly, and at the bottom shows all the statistics, there are so many other incredible features available in the application that you can use in your daily life.

Now come to the discount part Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control Multifunction Gateway, as you can see on the GearBest website, this device costs you €20.60, even now this device is already on sale flash, even more, you can approx. €3.43 when you add this Xmasdeal10 coupon code, after applying this you will get the same device for €17.17.

Discount detail

  • Where is this offer allowed: GearBest
  • Price list of the product: €20.60
  • Price with discount: €17.17
  • Coupon code: Xmasdeal10
  • Discount: €3.43
  • Quantity limitation: 50 pieces
  • Discount period: 2018/1/2 to 2018/1/31.

Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control Multi-functional Gateway Upgrade – [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.gearbest.com/living-appliances/pp_344667.html?lkid=12543365″ ]

Promotional code: Xmasdeal10

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