Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor GearBest Discount Coupon

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor Key Features:

  • Smart Door Sensor
  • Provide Multi-Purpose Intelligent Home Security
  • Comes in Black, White, Brown, Blue Colors
  • Gives Light and Ring when you Open the Door
  • Lights automatically turn on when you push the door
  • It has Intelligent Sensors
  • Comes with Zigbee Wireless Chip
  • Use of Windows or Doors
  • If someone broke into, the bell will remind and taking video
  • It works as a multifunctional gateway
  • Smaller in Size & Easy to Install
  • It has built-in Battery
  • Weight – 14 grams.

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Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor Discount Details:

  • Listed Price: $10.64
  • Discount Price: $9.95
  • Offer: $0.69
  • Coupon Code: Febdeal61
  • Sale Start Date: 13-Feb-2018
  • End Date: 28-Feb-2018
  • Quantity: 30 Pieces



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